2022 Events





Upcoming Major Events for 2022

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Summer in YOUR City Programming

(May - September)
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Upcoming Conferences and Conventions

Monona Terrace Conferences & Conventions

  • Society of Plastics Engineers Thermoset TopCon, May 17-18, 140ppl
  • CSWEA 2022 Annual Meeting, Central States Water Environment Association, May 17-19, 400ppl
  • WI Family Court Commissioners Association, May 19-20, 80ppl
  • 2022 Myofilament Conference, UW Cardiovascular Research Center, May 21-24, 160ppl
  • ACD Games Day 2022, ACD Distribution, May 25-27, 550ppl
  • 2022 Symposium on Research in Child Language Disorders (SRCLD), June 2-4, 200ppl
  • Power Line Systems Advanced Training Users Group, June 13-15, 300ppl
  • Dynamic Walking, UW-Madison Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, June 13-16, 200ppl

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