Name Location Type
107 State 107 State Eat
7 Iron Social 508 State Eat, Nightlife, More, See & Do, Visit, live
A8 China 608 University Eat
Ancora Coffee & Tea 107 King Eat
Argus BarGrille 123 E Main Eat, Nightlife
Asian Kitchen 449 State Eat
Audrey Kitchen and Bar, The 9 E Wilson Eat
Auntie Anne's 650 State Eat
Awi Sushi 511 State Eat
Badger Market 800 Langdon Street Eat, Shop
Bar in The Madison Concourse Hotel, The 1 W Dayton Eat, Nightlife
BarleyPop Live 121 W Main Eat, Nightlife, See & Do, Visit, live
Barriques Coffee Trader 127 W Washington Eat, Nightlife
BelAir Cantina 111 Martin Luther King Jr. Eat
Bradbury's Coffee, Espresso & Crepes 127 N Hamilton Eat
Camp Trippalinde 601 Langdon Eat, Nightlife
Candinas Chocolatier 11 W Main Eat, Shop
Canteen 111 S Hamilton Eat
Carte 800 Langdon Street Eat
Casetta Kitchen and Counter 222 W Washington Eat
Cento Ristorante 122 W Mifflin Eat
Chasers 2.0 408 W Gorham Eat, Nightlife
Chazen Café 750 University Avenue Eat, live
Cheba Hut 453 W Gilman Eat
Chen's Dumpling House 505 State Eat
Chipotle Mexican Grill 658 State Eat
Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Co. 468 State Eat, Shop, Visit
Churchkey Bar & Grill, The 626 University Eat, Nightlife
CIRC 1 W Dayton Eat, Nightlife
City Bar & Restaurant, The 636 State Eat, Nightlife
Clary's Gourmet Popcorn 105 State Eat, Shop
Clover Grains & Greens 420 State Eat
Colectivo Coffee 25 S Pinckney Eat
Colectivo Coffee (State St.) 583 State Eat
Comfort Fuel 439 N Frances Eat
Conrad's Grill 563 State Eat, Nightlife
Coopers Tavern, The 20 W Mifflin Eat, Nightlife
D'Vino 116 King Eat, Nightlife
Daily Scoop 800 Langdon Street Eat, More, See & Do, Visit
Danny's Pub 322 W Gorham Eat, Nightlife
Der Rathskeller 800 Langdon Street Eat, Nightlife, More, See & Do, Visit, live
Der Stiftskeller 800 Langdon Street Eat
Diamond's Cafe 260 W Gilman Eat
DLUX 117 Martin Luther King Jr. Eat, Nightlife
Double U, The 620 University Eat, Nightlife
Draper Brothers Chophouse 101 N Hamilton Eat
Dubai Mediterranean Restaurant and Bar 419 State Eat
Eat the Best Pizza 711 State Eat
Eat Xpress 203 W Gorham Eat
Eno Vino 1 N Webster Eat, Nightlife
Estacion Inka 616 University Avenue University Eat
Fair Trade Coffee House 418 State Eat
Forage Kitchen 665 State Eat
Frances Street Market 438 N Frances Eat, Shop
Fresh Fin Poke 502 University Eat
Fromagination 12 S Carroll Eat, Shop
FUGU Asian Fusion 411 W Gilman Eat
Globe, The 309 N Henry Eat
Good News Ice Cream 117 King Eat
Gooseberry on the Square 1 S Pinckney Eat
Gotham New York Bagels & Eats 112 E Mifflin Eat
Graze 1 S Pinckney Eat, Nightlife
Great Dane Pub & Brewing Company, The 123 E Doty Eat, Nightlife
Hawk's Bar & Grill 425 State Eat
Heritage Tavern 133 E Mifflin Eat, Nightlife
Himal Chuli Restaurant 318 State Eat
HotPot 608 506 State Eat
Ian's Pizza on State 100 State Eat, Nightlife
Insomnia Cookies 462 State Eat
It'Sugar 542 State Eat, Shop
J-Petal 449 State Eat
Jalisco Cocina Mexicana 108 King Eat
Jay's 406 N Frances Eat
Jersey Mike's Subs 449 State Eat
Jimmy John's Sandwiches 527 State Eat
Johnny Delmonico's Steakhouse 130 S Pinckney Eat
Just Veggiez 540 State null Eat
Kilwins 208 State Eat, Shop
Kollege Klub, The 529 N Lake Eat, Nightlife
Kung Fu Tea 449 State Eat
L'Etoile Restaurant 1 S Pinckney Eat
Lake Vista Cafe 1 John Nolen Eat
Lakeview Lounge 800 Langdon Street Eat, Nightlife
Le C's 411 State Eat
Little John's Lunch Box 100 N Hamilton Eat
Little Palace 225 King Eat
Los Gemelos Mexican Restaurant 244 W Gilman Eat
Luchador Tequila and Taco Bar 558 State Eat
Lucille 101 King Eat, Nightlife
Mackesey's Irish Pub 317 State Eat, Nightlife
Mad Seafood Boiler 201 W Gorham Eat
Madison Dagu Rice Noodle 604 University Eat
Madison's 119 King Eat, Nightlife
Marigold Kitchen 118 S Pinckney Eat
Mediterranean Cafe 625 State Eat
Memorial Union 800 Langdon Street Eat, Shop, Nightlife, More, See & Do, Visit, live
Memorial Union Terrace 800 Langdon Street Eat, Shop, Nightlife, More, See & Do, Visit, live
Merchant 121 S Pinckney Eat, Nightlife
Michelangelo's Coffee House 114 State Eat
Mickeys Dog House 330 State Eat
Milio's Sandwiches 116 Martin Luther King Jr. Eat
Mooyah Burgers, Fries, & Shakes 571 State Eat
Morris Ramen 106 King Eat
Naf Naf Grill 555 State Eat
Natt Spil 211 King Eat, Nightlife
Nick's Restaurant & Lounge 226 State Eat, Nightlife
Noodles & Company 232 State Eat
Old Fashioned, The 23 N Pinckney Eat, Nightlife
Oros Executive Dining Room 601 University Avenue Eat
Osteria Papavero 128 E Wilson Eat
Oz by Oz 113 King Eat
Paradise Lounge 119 W Main Eat, Nightlife
Parthenon Gyros 316 State Eat, Nightlife
Paul's Pel'meni 414 W Gilman Eat, Nightlife
Peet's Coffee 800 Langdon Street Eat
Plain Spoke Cocktail Co. 110 King Eat, Nightlife
Plaza Tavern, The 319 N Henry Eat, Nightlife
Poindexter Coffee 601 Langdon Eat
Poke it Up 540 University Eat
Poke Plus & Teriyaki 615 State Eat
Porta Bella Restaurant 425 N Frances Eat
Post, The 22 S Carroll Eat, Nightlife
Potbelly Sandwich Works 564 State Eat
Pure Green 634 State Eat
Qdoba Mexican Grill 548 State Eat, Nightlife
Raising Cane's 579 State Eat
Ramen Kid 461 W Gilman Eat
Rare Steakhouse 14 W Mifflin Eat, Nightlife
Red 316 W Washington Eat
Red Card Meal Plan 100 State Eat, More, live
Red Rock Saloon 222 W Gorham Eat, Nightlife
Rigby Pub & Grill, The 119 E Main Eat, Nightlife
Rising Sons Laotian & Thai Deli 617 State Eat
Ruyi Hand Pulled Noodles 334 State Eat
Sabores Fusion Grill 449 State Eat
Samba Brazilian Grill 240 W Gilman Eat
SASS 10 W Mifflin Eat
Sencha Tea Bar 224 State Eat
Senor Machetes 121 E Main Eat
Settle Down Tavern 117 S Pinckney Eat, Nightlife
Shamrock Bar & Grille, The 117 W Main Eat, Nightlife
Short Stack Eatery 301 W Johnson Eat
Side Door Grill & Tap, The 240 W Gilman Eat, Nightlife
Smitty's Study Pub 601 University Avenue Eat
Sol's on the Square 117 E Mifflin Eat
Sookie's Veggie Burgers 260 W Gilman Eat
Starbucks (Capitol Square) 1 E Main Eat
Starbucks (Madison Concourse Hotel) 1 W Dayton Eat
Starbucks (State Street) 661 State Eat
State Street Brats 603 State Eat, Nightlife
Strada 800 Langdon Street Eat
Subway 19 W Main Eat
Sunroom Cafe 638 State Eat
Supercharge Foods 502 State Eat
Sushi Express 610 University Eat
sweetgreen 652 State Eat
Taco Bell Cantina 534 State Eat, Nightlife
Taiwan Little Eats 320 State Eat
Taste of Sichuan 515 State Eat, Nightlife
Tavernakaya 27 E Main Eat, Nightlife
Teddywedgers 101 State Eat
Tempest Oyster Bar 120 E Wilson Eat
Tenko Tea 540 State Eat
The BBQ Stand 800 Langdon Street Eat, Nightlife
The Botanist Social 206 State Eat, Nightlife
The Brat Stand 800 Langdon Street Eat, Nightlife
The High Crowd Cafe 115 State Eat
Tipsy Cow, The 102 King Eat, Nightlife
Todofresco 114 E Main Eat
Tornado Steak House 116 S Hamilton Eat, Nightlife
Tutto Pasta 10 W Mifflin Eat
Union Commons at the University Club 803 State Street Eat
University Club, The 803 State Street Eat
Wando's 602 University Eat, Nightlife
Whiskey Jacks Saloon 552 State Eat, Nightlife
Wonderstate Coffee 27 W Main Eat
Young Blood Beer Company 112 King Eat, Nightlife
Yume Sushi 449 State Eat