Gift Certificates

Program Overview

  • The Madison Central Business Improvement District (BID) manages and markets the Downtown Madison Gift Certificate Program.
  • Gift Certificates are sold online and at two downtown locations:
    a. Online at
    b. In person at the Overture Center ticket office at 201 State Street
    c. In person at the University Book Store at 711 State Street
  • Like a travelers’ check, the Downtown Madison Gift Certificate is a pre-printed, fixed-amount check, which is backed by money in the BID Gift Certificate account.
  • Downtown Madison Gift Certificates do not expire.
  • They are purchased by individuals as gifts, and by area companies and organizations as employee and customer incentives.
  • The amount of any single gift certificate is limited to $25 or under. Multiple gift certificates may be purchased at one time.
  • We are unable to replace lost or stolen certificates.
  • There are more than 170 participating BID businesses.

It's Easy to Participate!

  • Notify the BID’s Programming Coordinator that your business will participate in the program (currently, Tim Jenquin at (608) 512-1341 or ).
  • The Programming Coordinator will add your business name to the list of participating businesses on the BID’s website and on the gift certificate sleeves.
  • A Downtown Ambassador will drop off promotional materials for you to display on your front window and/or near the cash register notifying customers you accept the Downtown Madison Gift Certificate.

Gift Certificate Acceptance

  • Accept the Downtown Madison Gift Certificates as you would a travelers’ check (although no counter-signing by the customer is necessary).
  • If the amount of the purchase is less than the amount of the gift certificate, give change in cash.
  • Endorse the back of the certificate.
  • The certificate can then be deposited with all other deposits directly to your business’ chosen bank.
  • Remember, Downtown Madison Gift Certificates do not expire.

Gift Certificate Sleeves are Non-Negotiable

The Downtown Madison Gift Certificate looks like a check with a signature, bank information, and security features. The gift certificate sleeve is non-negotiable. Please make sure you accept only the certificates themselves.

Gift Certificate Sample

For more information contact Tim Jenquin, BID Programming Coordinator at: (608) 512-1341 or