We Are Seeds

Downtown Madison is co-hosting the We Are Seeds Scavenger Hunt with the City of Madison and Artist T.L. Luke .This is part of the city wide event, Winter is Alive: A Cooler World Carinval .

Map of all participating businesses can be found here.

Find the Facebook events here: February & March .

The scavenger hunt will be a hunt for 10 unique decals, posted in up to 50 locations (25 downtown). Each decal highlights a sustainable effort and is used approximately 5 times. Participants are looking to collect all 10 unique decals.

These unique decals will be a series of charming illustrations by artist T.L. Luke and will highlight sustainable things that we can do on a local level for our community. Examples include “Utilize Community Swap Groups!”, or “Make use of Bicycle Benefits!” to name a few!

Downtown Madison and the City of Madison are co-hosting this event and have helped assist T.L. Luke with both budget and behind-the-scenes assistance with social media and helping contact local businesses. The concept, art, and scavenger hunt specifics for We Are Seeds are by T.L. Luke.

Participants will get clues about which businesses have which decal on this page, through social media, and the Winter Is Alive program.

  • Take a photo of all 10 illustrations.
  • Post all 10 on Instagram or Facebook (make sure your profile is set to PUBLIC or else we will not see your post!).
  • In your post, include @tl.luke (Instagram) or @tl.luke.art / T.L. Luke Art (Facebook) and #weareseedshunt.
  • And that's it!! So easy!
  • On February 28th we will start compiling everyone who found all 10 and add you to the lottery! Winners will be picked on March 1st!

If you had trouble finding all 10, no worries! We'll be posting the locations of all the decals on March 1st so you can enjoy the hunt too! We'll be posting an interactive map link here so you can explore all the participating locations for a fun outing without the pressure of solving the clues!

THE WINNERS: Participants find and photograph all 10, post it to social media, tagging @tl.luke and be entered to win a lottery to win sustainable and eco-conscious rewards donated by businesses.

Collect all 10 and be registered to win more prizes, including a $100 to shop downtown.

If you find ALL 10 sustainability action items around Madison, you can be entered to WIN 1 of over 50 prizes, including a $100 downtown shopping spree, all donated by the incredible participating businesses!

Prize pacakges vary in value from $70 to $100. All winners will be chosen at random from the afore mentioned lottery and all prizes will be randomly assigned for fairness.
Prizes were generously donated by: Anthology , Banzo , Brasserie V , Communication , Downtown Madison , Ethical Trade Co , Fair Trade Coffee House , the Fit , Fontana Sports , Garver Events , Hatch Art House , Hive of Madison , Ian's Pizza , Johnson Public House , Little Luxuries , Madison Bicycle Center , Madison Sourdough Co , Megan's Custom Framing , Morris Ramen , Mov in' Shoes , Parthenon Gyros , Plain Spoke Cocktail Company , A Room of One's Own , Salvatore's Tomato Pies , Short Stack Eatery , the Soap Opera , Stillgood's , Teddywedgers , Willy Street Co-op , Young Blood Beer Company , and Zip Dang .

  • Prize Package 1: Banzo tshirt; Young Blood Beer Company glass and hat; 3 drink tokens from Garver; and rechargeable bike lights from Madison Bike Center.
  • Prize Package 2: The Fit Kit (logo drawstring backpack, tshirt, and jump rope); a bag of coffee from Johnson Public House; 3 drink tokens from Garver; and a $25 gift card to Salvatore's Tomato Pies.
  • Prize Package 3: Morris Ramen hoodie; a $20 gift code to A Room of One's Own; 2 drink tokens from Garver; and a sustainable tote bag with a bag of JBC coffee from Madison Sourdough Company.
  • AWARDED - Prize Package 4: Communication tshirt with 2 postcards; a Movin' Shoes branded 12ox MiiR tumbler; and a gift set from The Soap Opera (organic blood orange essential oil bar soap, a Root beeswax essential oil candle, and a locally made lavender and lemon essential oil shampoo bar).
  • Prize Package 5: Plain Spoke Cocktail hoodie; a free pasty from Teddywedgers; and a gift set from Parthenon Gyros (4 free gyro cards and a Parthenon Gyros trucker hat).
  • Prize Package 6: Short Stack Eatery tshirt with coffee and stickers; a $25 gift certificate to Ethical Trade Company; 3 drink tokens from Garver; and a reusable grocery tote bag with a $25 gift card from Ian's Pizza.
  • Prize Package 7: $100 Downtown Madison Shopping Spree with a Downtown Madison logo hat.
  • Prize Package 8: 8 drink tokens and a Salt Wise WI - Salt Tool Kit from Garver Events.
  • Prize Package 9: $100 gift card from Megan's Framing.
  • Prize Package 10: $25 Willy St Co-op gift card; $25 Zip Dang gift card; $25 Anthology gift card; 2 drink tokens from Garver; and a $20 Hatch Art House gift card.
  • Prize Package 11: $25 Willy St Co-op gift card; $25 Little Luxuries gift card; 2 drink tokens from Garver; and $25 Hive gift card.
  • Prize Package 12: $20 Still Goods gift card; $25 Fair Trade Coffee House gift card; 2 drink tokens from Garver; and $25 Fontana Sports gift card.

Clues have been written by the artist.

Action Item 1:

  • Clue 1 (Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood) - This isn't just thrifting, it's “recycling, with style!” Get a new look here where “the pieces meet the people”
  • Clue 2 (Marquette Neighborhood) - Spring cleaning is just around the corner; head here to buy, sell, or trade trash into treasure!
  • Clue 3 (Emerson Neighborhood) - Finally “fine free” in 2020, over 12,000 Madisonians can show their faces again in one of their 9 locations!
  • Clue 4 (Downtown Neighborhood) - “A woman must have money and _ if she is to write fiction”
  • Clue 5 (Downtown Neighborhood) - Do you need a mask with a pineapple on it? What about a second mask with a pineapple on it? Or a roll-up chess set. You do you.
  • Clue 6 (Downtown Neighborhood) - Serving up chicchetti and limoncello from local ingredients with a bacari environment.

Action Item 2:

  • Clue 1 (Wingra Neighborhood) - Looking forward to biking weather? Update your wardrobe here “where luxury connects with comfort”
  • Clue 2 (Marquette Neighborhood) - With over 100 local vendors selling their bread, this patisserie will also let you customize an espresso-funfetti cake with pineapple jam filling!
  • Clue 3 (Downtown Neighborhood) - “Think before you drink” is the motto of this Before Times home to poetry slams and two-at-a-time art exhibits.
  • Clue 4 (Downtown Neighborhood) - Mac n cheese? Yes, please! Don't worry, they've got plenty of vegan options too!
  • Clue 5 (Downtown Neighborhood) - Where's the first place you're taking your out-of-state family for cheese curds when it's safe to travel? Keep walking up State until you find it, it's good for you!

Action Item 3:

  • Clue 1 (Greenbush Neighborhood) - Whether you're looking forward to spring jogging routes, or you're one of those people that run through the winter, get your “equipment that works” for you here!
  • Clue 2 (Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood) - Four locations, four chances to try pizza made “backwards”!
  • Clue 3 (Maple Bluff Neighborhood) - Visit this inclusive and “service first” shop for flat tires and fork races!
  • Clue 4 (Downtown Neighborhood) - Here's to a 2021 safe enough for a long-delayed Headlamp Hustle and Ice Age Trail Hike-a-Thon!
  • Clue 5 (Downtown Neighborhood) - Buy one, fix one, ride one, store one! They're all about the two wheeled life.
  • Clue 6 (Marquette Neighborhood) - A restaurant that has sexy fries, super sexy fries, and allows “well behaved dogs” on the patio? What are you waiting for?

Action Item 4:

  • Clue 1 (Vilas Neighborhood) - Finally “fine free” in 2020, over 12,000 Madisonians can show their faces again in one of their 9 locations!
  • Clue 2 (Marquette Neighborhood) - Refill and restock your laundry powder and wood conditioner “till the cows come” at this carbon-neutral shop!
  • Clue 3 (Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood) - Round or square, “tumbled” or polished, magical or just neat, get your goolies here!
  • Clue 4 (Downtown Neighborhood) - Want to know what essential oils mice hate and fish love? Educate yourself here! While you're at it, this spot can help you craft a custom scent!
  • Clue 5 (Downtown Neighborhood) - 16,000 square feet of space, and all the chalk you need to get between them all!

Action Item 5:

  • Clue 1 (Vilas Neighborhood) - Born out of “passion for the French Joie de Vivre”, this restaurant is offering virtual beer tastings and carryout beer to bring to it!
  • Clue 2 (Marquette Neighborhood) - A take-and-bake warm spinach salad never sounded more romantic!
  • Clue 3 (Emerson East Neighborhood) - Archival and repair services available here to help all “preserve your memories and heirlooms”
  • Clue 4 (Downtown Neighborhood) - “Sweet or savory?” “Savory!” Pay $11 for a second question or $7.50 for a tasty wager!
  • Clue 5 (Downtown Neighborhood) - Weekly recommendations of “honest […] agricultural products” that are “always changing in the bottle” and focused on unique finds from family run farms.
  • Clue 6 (Downtown Neighborhood) - As their namesake, the stylists here “preside over art and science”

Action Item 6:

  • Clue 1 (Vilas Neighborhood) - “Strong means happy” at this health center where “everyone fits in”
  • Clue 2 (Marquette Neighborhood) - Mixed media creations and up-and-coming creators are incubated here!
  • Clue 3 (Downtown Neighborhood) - Cooperatively bringing you bulky herb (not the kind you're thinking - yet) and helping you with wellness inside and out!
  • Clue 4 (Downtown Neighborhood) - Reviving a dish that makes up 6% of the Cornish food economy!
  • Clue 5 (Downtown Neighborhood) - “Hotdish optional” with their latest signature drink, flavored with “a touch of nostalgia”!
  • Clue 6 (Downtown Neighborhood) - There's many reasons to love outdoor Farmers Markets, and their weekly quiche special is just one of them!

Action Item 7:

  • Clue 1 (Bay Creek Neighborhood) - Get your face masks, coffee, and bags to carry it all in at this fair-trade boutique “creating hope one product at a time”!
  • Clue 2 (Marquette Neighborhood) - #101-level education, advocacy, and color-coded appraisements available here!
  • Clue 3 (Starkweather Neighborhood) - From kombucha to pizza to coffee, “taste the best of Madison” at this local food space “100 years in the making”
  • Clue 4 (Downtown Neighborhood) - Do you have an actual, entire library to sell? They'll buy it!
  • Clue 5 (Downtown Neighborhood) - “Sip, slurp, repeat” their signature dish, or their to-go spiced pear mocktails!
  • Clue 6 (Downtown Neighborhood) - Started in the 70's with “the American Dream.” Don't worry, Luke Bryan and Jimmy Fallon will tell you how to pronounce the name!

Action Item 8:

  • Clue 1 (Marquette Neighborhood) - The first certified organic business of its type in Madison, get flavorful products here to “capture your imagination and your heart”!
  • Clue 2 (Sherman Terrace Neighborhood) - Who doesn't like falafel? If you put your hand up, this clue isn't for you. Locally-sourced, delicious, and available ready-made or ready-to-bake!
  • Clue 3 (Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood) - Stay comfortable and fashionable with these “small batch” products you wear instead of drink!
  • Clue 4 (Downtown Neighborhood) - The unsung voice pinch-hitter for Hollywood bald eagles, with a separate whiskey menu!
  • Clue 5 (Downtown Neighborhood) - Come for the delicious smells, stay for “the finest pickles in the country”! These sandwiches corner the market without any corners.

Action Item 9:

  • Clue 1 (Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood) - Beautiful re-issues and “new gems” available here! There's still time to “start your ear off right” in 2021
  • Clue 2 (Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood) - You've heard of carryout growlers, but hear us out…. what if they were filled with coffee instead?
  • Clue 3 (Schenk-Atwood Neighborhood) - In the Before (and hopefully After) Times, this DIY space cultivated “a vibrant creative community” through exhibitions and live music!
  • Clue 4 (Marquette Neighborhood) - Avoid perfume and standing water afterwards to make sure your skin and spirit “heals up” after a visit!
  • Clue 5 (Downtown Neighborhood) - If you want to get a masters in Shadow Work for less than the average monthly student loan payment, this is the store for you!
  • Clue 6 (Downtown Neighborhood) - “An oasis of life and leisure” that regularly produces “A Fine Tapestry of Profanity”

Action Item 10:

  • Clue 1 (Marquette Neighborhood) - You may be a co-owner of this Madison staple! You can get all your household foods and products here, but have your number ready
  • Clue 2 (Berkley Oaks Neighborhood) - You may be a co-owner of this Madison staple! You can get all your household foods and products here, but have your number ready
  • Clue 3 (Downtown Neighborhood) - “Union people love buttons!” at this store, whose name comes from the Greek word for “flower gathering”
  • Clue 4 (Downtown Neighborhood) - We all know it pairs with wine, but did you know it pairs just as well with beer, chocolate, and tea? Find out how here!
  • Clue 5 (Downtown Neighborhood) - Cooperatively saving you from rewinding your old Disney movies with a pencil!

Now that the competition portion of the scavenger hunt is over, we can share the full list of businesses with you!

  • A Room of One's Own Bookstore
  • Anthology
  • Banzo
  • Black Saddle Bike Shop
  • Boulders Climbing Gym
  • Brasserie V
  • Burnie's Rock Shop
  • Communication
  • Community Pharmacy
  • D'Vino
  • Ethical Trade Co
  • Fair Trade Coffee House
  • Fontana Sports
  • Four Star Video Rental
  • Fromagination
  • Garver Events
  • Giant Jones Brewing Company
  • Giige
  • Gotham Bagels
  • Graze
  • Great Dane Brewing Co
  • Green Life Trading Company
  • Hatch Art House
  • Hawk's Bar and Grill
  • Hive of Madison
  • Ian's Pizza
  • Johnson Public House
  • Little Luxuries
  • Madison Bike Center
  • Madison Public Library - Hawthorne and Monroe Street Branches
  • Madison Sourdough Co
  • Megan's Custom Framing
  • Mickey's Tavern
  • Mimosa Books and Gifts
  • Morris Ramen
  • Mov in' Shoes
  • Muse Independent Styling
  • Parthenon Gyros
  • Paul's Book Store
  • Plain Spoke Cocktail Company
  • ReFind Style
  • Salvatore's Tomato Pies
  • Short Stack Eatery
  • Square Wine Co
  • Stillgood's
  • Strictly Discs
  • Teddywedgers
  • Tenant Resource Center
  • The Fit
  • The Soap Opera
  • Willy Street Co-op - East and North locations
  • Young Blood Beer Company
  • Zip-Dang