Earthbound Trading Co.

Started in 1994 by Steve and Suzana Gordon, as a humble rock and mineral shop, Earthbound Trading Company prides itself on being a place where customers can feel grounded and be who they truly are. The company features gift and fashion retail for the hippies-at-heart, and offers a place where you can be true to yourself. Earthbound helps you bring your space to life with a wide collection of crystals and meditation essentials, as well as clothing and accessories to build your ultimate bohemian wardrobe. EB offers a full range of home d├ęcor items, meditation essentials, textiles, stones, jewelry, accessories, clothing and much more.

508 State
Madison, WI, 53703

(608) 251-6317

Category: Fashion, Shoes & Accessories
Specialty: Clothing, art, and decor.