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Thu, May 24, 2018
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2018-19 Downtown Madison Map & Guide Business Listing Update
Advertise in the 2018-19 Downtown Map & Guide
2016-17 Cooperative Advertising Opportunities

2018-19 Downtown Madison Map & Guide Business Listing Update
Please follow the instructions below to find your listing in the first draft of the 2018-19 Map & Guide Business Listings.

Once you find your listing please confirm that the following are correct:

  • Business Name (Spelling, completeness, etc.)
  • Business Address and Phone Number
  • The category your business is filed under.

    Please note:

  • We cannot change the name of the categories, but we can move businesses to another category.
  • Businesses can be listed only in ONE category.
  • Yellow descriptions are for GSSBA members only (Maxwell Street Days participants)
  • Do not worry about general formatting or other errors that do not involve YOUR listing.
  • If your listing is correct, no action is needed.

    To view your listing, please go to the link here: 2018-19 Downtown Map & Guide Listings. If your listing is incorrect, please send updates to:

    Tim Jenquin
    BID Operations Director
    PHONE: (608) 512-1341

    Advertise in the 2018-19 Downtown Map & Guide
    Reach 200,000+ people interested in downtown Madison shopping, dining, visiting, and living. One ad provides a full year of visibility. Info sheet at link with sizes, pricing, and reservation form. Deadline: January 26, 2018

    "Google Maps is useful, but nothing beats a foldout map to help explore a city on foot . . ." -Seth Kugel, NY Times Frugal Traveler

    150,000 maps distributed annually in Madison, Wisconsin, nationally and internationally. Map users include visitors, convention and conference attendees, residents, students and UW alumni, who use maps for downtown shopping and dining, conventions, business and leisure travel, relocations, new student orientation, employee recruitment, and family events. Map distribution details.

    Please note: Current advertisers will be given priority to participate through the end of November, after which other BID Businesses will be able to purchase ads.

    2016-17 Cooperative Advertising Opportunities
    For current BID Cooperative advertising opportunities, please contact Tiffany Kenney, Email:
    (608) 512-1340