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Thu, May 24, 2018
News : Downtown Safety
Officer Jessica McLay
State Street/Capitol Square Neighborhood Officer
Officer Jessica McLay
Madison Police Department-Central District
211 S. Carroll St
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 438-1066 (cell)

NOTE: To report an incident in progress where you need an officer to come right away, don't call the Neighborhood Officer. Call dispatch at 608-266-4275 (press 6 to get a person). In case of emergency, call 911.

Neighborhood Officer Jessica McLay Intro Letter (Feb. 2015)

Business/Property Video Camera Information Form
(January, 2015) The Madison Police Department is attempting to compile a list of all privately owned and operated video cameras in the State St. and Capitol Square areas. Video camera footage can be very helpful for investigations of reported incidents and crimes. They hope to gather a list of all cameras and their locations. The goal is to be able to contact businesses and properties after incidents as quickly as possible to retrieve video that could help solve crimes. Participation is completely voluntary, please see response form at link above.

Merchant Info Sheet: Panhandling, Quality of Life Problems
See the info sheet below for what to do, when and who to call, when panhandling and other illegal behaviors cause problems for you or your customers:

Merchant Info Sheet (Updated March 2015)
"No Panhandling Zone" map
Madison General Ordinances (excerpts)
Downtown ReachOut Program

Business Safety Session - notes
Personal and Business Safety Tips with MPD Crime Prevention Officer Rodney Wilson, Nov. 26, 2014

Retail Theft: Information and Best Practices for Retail Stores
Booklet from Madison Police Department.
Store Report Form

Crime Prevention Tips for Business Owners
From former neighborhood office Linda Covert.

National Retail Federation Creates Guidelines for Handling Multiple Offender Crimes

Business Burglary Prevention Tips

Shoplifting Prevention Tips
1. National Association for Shoplifting Prevention

2. Shoplifting prevention 101

3. Center for Problem-Oriented Policing report has info on store layout and other shoplifting prevention practices.

4. To establish a solid base for probable cause, and prevent false arrest claims, there are six universally accepted steps that a merchant should be follow before detaining someone suspected of shoplifting:

Preventing Credit Card Fraud
Officer Covert provided this info on avoiding credit card fraud:

Visa recommends steps to ensure the legitimacy of cards, cardholder, and transactions.

Mastercard offers merchants tips for preventing fraud.

Check and Card Fraud report from the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing reports: "Reminding would-be shoplifters that shoplifting is a crime and warning them that they will be prosecuted can help reduce shoplifting . . . . A simple sign such as "WE REQUIRE ID FOR CHECKS AND CARDS" indicates that the business takes IDs seriously."

Detecting Counterfeit Money - Secret Service Information
U.S. Treasury information on redesigned currency, detecting counterfeit money.

Central District Police

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